Leadership Development Programs

Create inwardly sound and others-focused leaders.

Harness the power of self-awareness and emotional intelligence to cultivate transformative leaders.

System and Soul June 2023 Refuel with Bill and Steve

Critical Leadership Gaps in Nonprofits and Purpose-Driven Organizations

Leaders in these types of organizations face unique challenges that require not just good management, but deep self-awareness and a genuine focus on others.

Limited Resilience

Leaders who lack self-awareness often struggle with resilience, finding it difficult to navigate the high-stress, resource-strapped environments typical of nonprofits. This can lead to burnout and high turnover, undermining organizational stability and mission effectiveness.

Mission Drift

Leaders not fully aligned with their organization’s core values and mission can inadvertently steer their teams away from their foundational goals. Such misalignment can erode stakeholder trust and diminish the impact of the organization’s efforts.

Ineffective Teams

Without a deep understanding of interpersonal dynamics, leaders may fail to engage and retain the highly motivated staff and volunteers essential for driving mission-driven initiatives. Poor engagement strategies can result in disenchanted teams and decreased organizational efficacy.

What can you do about it?

Transformative Leadership Through Self-Discovery and Emotional Intelligence

My approach integrates Tim Spiker’s leadership principles from his book, "The Only Leaders Worth* Following", with the profound self-awareness offered by the Enneagram and structured growth through the EQIndex.


Utilize the Enneagram for deep personal insights and complement with the EQIndex to explore emotional intelligence across six domains.

Empathy Development

Apply the 5P Process to prioritize and practice empathy, enhancing leaders’ ability to connect with their teams.

Visionary Guidance

Foster ongoing growth and adaptability in leadership styles through continuous application of these integrated tools.

This isn't my first rodeo

After selling my company that I started in my late 20s to another agency, I served as its second-in-command and helped grow their revenue by almost double in 2 years using a combination of strategic alignment frameworks.

Now, I help non-profits and purpose-driven organizations like yours turn their purpose into performance.

One client is on track to nearly 6X their revenue from $600,000 to $3,400,000 in our first 2 years together and the CEO/Co-Founder attributes a lot of that to our work together helping them adopt the System & Soul Framework.

What others are saying

“The board LOVED the Scoreboard and Roadmap. Trust in leadership went way up from that meeting. Thank you for all your support.”

“Kenny Lange and System & Soul (S2) have been a godsend for us. We were feeling the strain and pressure caused by rapid growth, and in our first month with Kenny and S2 our entire leadership team feels like we are finally standing on solid ground ready to solve the wonderful obstacles we face.”

“Kenny helps a flaming visionary find clarity and focus. He also helps the organization articulate our reason for being and stay in the boundaries of what we've determined is our purpose. Helps us find the courage to say yes to the right things that continue to drive our economic engine and no to the things that would lead us away from our core focus. Like having a personal trainer; helps you focus on your goals even if it's painful at times, the end result is amazing.”

The Process

Your Plan for Focusing Your Organization

Discover + Define

Schedule a discovery session to identify your needs and define your goals.

Strategize + Plan

Receive a bespoke plan designed to tackle your specific challenges and maximize your organization's potential.

Activate + Impact

Activate your strategic plan with our expert guidance and witness the transformation as your purpose is turned into measurable performance.


Pick The Option That's Right for You

Choose Your Growth Path

Flexible Pricing for Comprehensive Services

Select from our tiered pricing options designed for every stage of your organization’s journey. Each tier provides targeted solutions to enhance your capabilities and help you achieve your mission effectively.

Start Up


Perfect for newly established or restructuring organizations needing focused strategic support to initiate their mission-driven activities.

  • Checkmark Single Service Focus: Concentration on one key area for targeted improvement.
  • Checkmark Tailored Strategy Session: A customized plan to set foundational strategies.
  • Checkmark Quick Implementation: Fast deployment to jumpstart your initiatives.
  • Checkmark Cost-Effective: Ideal for limited budgets without sacrificing quality.
  • Checkmark Expert Guidance: 2 hours of individual coaching each month to ensure success.

Scale Up


Suitable for organizations aiming for large-scale transformation and widespread impact.

  • Checkmark Comprehensive Service Suite: Full access to all three services for a holistic approach.
  • Checkmark Maximum Impact: Designed to maximize organizational effectiveness and reach.
  • Checkmark Strategic Overhaul: Comprehensive restructuring and strategic realignment.
  • Checkmark Premium Support: Highest level of support and direct access to top-tier expertise.
  • Checkmark Long-Term Sustainability: Focus on creating sustainable, long-lasting change.

Why Choose My Leadership Development Program?

Knowing that leadership is the cornerstone of any successful organization, my programs focus on cultivating leaders who are both visionary and pragmatic, ensuring they are ready to lead effectively. The unique blend of psychological insight, practical leadership training, and structured behavioral change prepares leaders not only to face challenges but to thrive amidst them, fostering environments where innovation and commitment flourish. This holistic approach not only addresses immediate leadership gaps but also builds a foundation for sustained organizational success.


Find out how your organization scores on the 6 key elements of health

Take this free diagnostic along with the other members of your senior leadership team by sending them the link.


Need clarification?

What makes your leadership programs unique?

I combine a deep understanding of leadership dynamics with personalized coaching to develop leaders who are both inwardly sound and outwardly focused

How do you tailor the program to individual leaders?

I assess each leader’s strengths and gaps to provide customized coaching and development plans.

What is the duration of the leadership development program?

The duration varies based on the specific needs and goals of the organization, typically ranging from a few months to a year.

Can you work with leaders at all levels?

Yes, my programs are designed to benefit leaders at all stages of their careers, from emerging leaders to senior executives.

What are the key outcomes of your leadership training?

Leaders can expect a comprehensive improvement in self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills. This integration leads to better decision-making, enhanced communication skills, and more effective conflict resolution. Ultimately, leaders will be better equipped to inspire and mobilize their teams, driving organizational success in a way that aligns with their core values and the needs of their team members.

What is the Integrative Enneagram and how does it aid in leadership development?

The Integrative Enneagram is a dynamic assessment tool that provides deep insights into an individual’s core motivations, fears, and behavior patterns. It aids leadership development by helping leaders understand their own intrinsic motivations and how these influence their interactions and decision-making processes. This awareness fosters greater empathy and effectiveness in leading diverse teams.

How does the EQIndex complement the Enneagram in developing leaders?

The EQIndex assesses emotional intelligence across six domains to provide a detailed understanding of a leader’s emotional capabilities and areas for growth. When used alongside the Enneagram, it adds a layer of emotional insight that enhances a leader’s ability to manage themselves and relate to others, crucial for effective leadership.

Can you explain the 5P Process and its role in leadership training?

The 5P Process is a structured approach to sustainable behavioral change, consisting of Ponder, Prioritize, Plan, Practice, and Perform. In leadership training, it guides leaders through a cycle of reflection, setting priorities, planning actions, practicing these actions, and performing effectively. This process helps leaders implement and sustain the changes needed to enhance their leadership skills and team dynamics.

Are sessions in-person or virtual?

Yes! 😄

Depending on your needs, I can facilitate sessions either in-person or virtually.

I do have one rule: if one person is virtual, then we're all virtual!

That may mean that several members of your senior leadership team (SLT) participate from their own office if you're in a shared office space.

Having a hybrid presence produces poor results because of the imbalance of engagement and having people's voices heard.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, I do! I guarantee you'll receive value or you don't pay (or *refund if you pre-paid)!

Elevate Your Leadership Impact

Great leaders are the cornerstone of great organizations. Schedule a discovery call to explore how our leadership development program can cultivate the leaders your organization needs to thrive.