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One Big Change You Can Make Today to Be More Successful

There are 4 changes that occur when we stop seeing things as mine and start viewing them as someone else's to care for.

We're all looking to find that one thing that changes everything. That one thing that takes us from good to great. While I don't believe in magic bullets, I do believe there is one thing that will give you more success and you can start right now! That one thing is stewardship.

Stewardship occurs when we care for something that isn't ours to begin with. This could be when you watch a friend's kids for an evening, using a neighbor's weed eater, or even borrowing someone's car.

For example, I've borrowed my Dad's car on several occasions when he and my Mom watch mine and my wife's kids during a date night because we have to leave our car with the car seats for them. My Dad keeps his car almost immaculate inside and out (we all have that person in our life). So, when I borrow his car, I try to bring it back in the same condition that it was given to me.

This may include things like shaking out the floor mats if we've gotten them dirty, taking any trash we had out of the car, or even putting gas back in it before I return it. One of the key actions I take is where I park the car. I do my best to park it away from most of the cars, so that usually means a longer walk. I also try to park at the end of a row so that there is only 1 possible car that park beside the car.

This may sound like I'm taking it way to far, but I guarantee you that he appreciates the car his car receives while it's in my custody and it increases the likelihood that I will get to borrow it again.

So, I want you to think about the things that you own or control. What would happen if you treated those items, tasks, and relationships like they weren't yours, but actually belonged to someone else? Would it change your actions? I believe it would and you would be more successful in those pursuits.

There are 4 changes that occur when we stop seeing things as mine and start viewing them as someone else's to care for. These changes will produce better results and increase your success.

1. You will be more careful.

We naturally become more cautious with someone else's property. Think about something you've borrowed from a friend lately. You almost treat it like it's a precious keepsake -- even if it's just a book.

2. You will find what's best not easiest.

When it comes to our own stuff, we tend to go the path of least resistance. This hits me when it comes to being a dad. There are many things I would do differently if I viewed my kids as not belonging to me. I would speak more kindly, have more patience, and go the extra mile to make sure they had fun being a kid.

3. You will think things through more.

We usually stop thinking about an idea or solution before we get to the great idea or solution. We need to go deeper when we process our decisions. Parking my Dad's car is a basic thought, but parking it away from most cars to avoid dings and scratches takes it a step further.

4. You will be more protective.

I think we can all agree that we can take a lot of verbal beat downs, but isn't funny that the second that person says something about someone or something we care about that we spring to defend it or them? If we understand that we will be accountable to someone or something for how we treat someone or perform a task, then we are more likely to be protective and fight for instead of against.

Having the attitude of stewardship can transform your life as well as others. We don't need to view people, tasks, and items as "what can I get out of this?", but, instead, "what can I do with this opportunity?". Then your life will be come others-centered and not self-centered. Don't you agree that the world doesn't need any more self-centered people.

Question: What relationship or opportunity would change if you were to steward it instead of own it? How would it change? Please leave your response in the comments section below.

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