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Beyond You Leadership: Takeaways from Leadercast (Part 1 of 2)

Beyond You Leadership: Takeaways from Leadercast (Part 1 of 2)

Hey Leaders!
This week and next week's topic comes from the content I was very fortunate to hear at this year's Leadercast conference this past Friday. The theme of this year's conference was Beyond You leadership. So, I imagine most of you are either wondering what Beyond You leadership is or have come to some sort of definition that works for you. When I first heard it, I fell into the second category. While I'm sure your definition is close, I am going to use the definition that Andy Stanley gave in the opening session.

Beyond You Leader: Leaders who fearlessly and selflessly empower leaders around them, and those coming along behind them.

Photo courtesy of brian gautreau via Flickr Photo courtesy of brian gautreau via Flickr

I want to address the words in italics. First, the word "fearlessly". There are many leaders that we would characterize as fearless, but perhaps they lead out of selfishness or at least they're perceived that way. These leaders will most likely get the results they're after, but they'll use people instead of truly empowering them along the way to their success.

Second, the word "selflessly". We all know leaders that almost always put others before themselves and would probably give you the shirt off of their backs. However, when the time comes to make the hard decisions or charge forward, they don't do much to inspire the "troops" and get them to go to places they've never gone.

Lastly, the word "empower". Leaders frequently are guilty of only telling or bossing those they lead. I know I am! Leaders are prone to think that because they hold a title or some measure of influence that it means they have to be the ones to make most or all of the decisions. Wrong! Empowering actually means that you are giving power. In this case, giving power to other leaders and, as the rest of the definition mentions, those leaders coming along behind them.

Leaders who don't empower remind me of when I graduated college and began filling out applications and going to interviews -- everyone wants experience and no one wants to give it. Seasoned leaders serving you and up and coming leaders need experience making decisions and making mistakes. Yes, I said making mistakes! So, what does all of this mean?

How can I leverage my power for the good of the others in the room or those around me? Andy Stanley

A leader has to lead their team with strength and courage (fearlessly) and put their team's goals ahead of their own (selflessly) all while giving power to the team members so that they can make decisions (empower). You cannot be a Beyond You leader without exhibiting all three of these characteristics.

Next week, we will discuss 3 ways we can be a Beyond You leader and how to make sure our leadership outlasts our own lives!

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