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Being Truly Successful Depends on Others

You'll need to bring people into the process who will tell you the truth, are more experienced than you, and will be available to you along the way.

Being truly successful is a topic that is gaining more ground lately. Our society tends to bounce back and forth between "there is only one right way to succeed!" and "success is purely defined by the individual".

If you're older and you've found some measure of success in your life - wealth, relationships, fame, achievement - then you're probably unlikely to change.

If, however, you're younger (under 40 for the sake of this post) and you're still looking for your "method" or path to gaining success, then you're probably struggling with the definition of success more than anything.

I know, because I still am but I'm starting to get a lot more clarity. I want to share some thoughts and questions that will help you find more clarity.

Back to the two big statements about being truly successful, I think there is truth in both and lies in both. The trick is to tease out the good, the truth and leave behind the bad.

First, I do think you should be the one to define true success for yourself. But don't do it in a vacuum. Involve those closest to you that love you to get feedback. Remember that feedback is saying the truth in love and not dictating what you should or should not do or be.

Take the feedback and use it to refine your own thoughts - NOT REPLACE THEM!

The refining process is painful but essential. Be thankful for it, because you'll be better in the end.

Once you have a solid grasp on your definition of what being truly successful looks, feels, and even smells like for you, then you can move on to chart a course towards it.

Second, while there likely isn't "only one right way" to achieve success, it is unlikely you can just wander there.

Again, you'll need to bring people into the process who will tell you the truth, are more experienced than you, and will be available to you along the way.

Being truly successful is hard for many reasons and impossible if attempted alone!

Most of us look up to famous artists, entrepreneurs, and celebrities and think "Wow! They are so singularly talented and driven and that's why they are where are."

There's no denying that talent and drive play a vital part in success, but that is just where success begins. That's far from the whole picture. Much the way an iceberg is largely unseen - truly successful people have a lot more beneath the surface helping them rise to the top.

I'm not advocating that you should be in the top 1% or 5% of whatever you choose to do. That's great and all but if it isn't YOUR definition of success then you'll just be successful in everyone's eyes except the ones staring back at you in the mirror.

Find your North Star (like what was discussed in a recent Daily Vee vlog episode)!

But, to do that, you'll need to bring others into your journey.

If you don't OWN what being truly successful means to you, then success - at least the allure of it - will just end up owning you.

Having people that you can trust to help you along the way will protect you from becoming owned.

Until next time... Keep Rising!

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