I freakin’ hate crappy sounding music! Maybe the singer is off-key or the mix favors one instrument over the other. It bugs me and gets under my skin. But, what can I do? I’m not in control of the band, producer, or audio technician.

However, I do have a choice when it comes to how I listen to music. Whether that’s the speaker system I have at home, my laptop, or a pair of headphones.

I realize most people use headphones as their primary listening device (myself included). So, I want to tell you about the amazing pair of bluetooth headphones I received as a Christmas gift from my lovely wife.

My early headphone experience

Most of my childhood was during the 90’s (don’t laugh, it gave us Nirvana and Tim the Tool Man Taylor!). I remember playing on my Gameboy Color, listening to cassette tapes on a walkman, and then CDs on my discman with headphones that were awful!

My first pair of headphones had a thin, flat metal band that went over your head. The earpieces were wrapped in cheap foam and they could be adjusted by ratcheting the plastic connectors up the metal band.

Because of the poor quality that was available (unless you paid a boatload of money) I stuck to blasting my family’s computer speakers as I rocked out to Linkin Park and did my homework.

My first step into a larger world

But then 2007 arrived, and my personal audio experience changed for ever. The very first iPhone was released! Based on my nerd roots I was compelled to buy one.

Because I had never owned an iPod (click wheel edition), this was a very big deal for me. For the first time, I could listen to all of my music in the comfort of my own ears. It felt and sound good.

I had my headphones (now called “earbuds”) with me wherever I went. I even used them exclusively for car audio during an 8 month period when my car’s cd/radio player wasn’t functional.

I needed a bigger audio fix

At some point in my college life, I hallucinated and thought running for the sake running would be a great activity. It ended up sticking with me and I believe in large part because I had my earbuds.

By now, I was hooked on Pandora (one the apps I discuss in my eBook. Sign Up and get a free copy!) and it made the runs much more enjoyable. There was, however, a growing problem.

I was increasing the speed and distances of my runs and, because of my sweat, the earbuds would slip out often. Not only that, but I was noticing that after long jam sessions that my ears hurt. I needed something better.

Enter the iPhone 5 and the EarPods! It was like transitioning from those old metal band headphones to the earbuds. The EarPods generated much more bass and clarity. Overall, they delivered a much more full sound.

The Beats by Dre Experiment

Christmas of 2012, my beautiful wife, along with my in-laws, collaborated to buy me the new PowerBeats by Dre. These were earbuds with a full ear loop to help them stay on while you exercise. Needless to say, I was over the moon! (Did you forget about Dre?! I sure didn’t!)

That is until I took them out on a run.

They never seemed to sit in my ears deep enough. It was like the earbud was hanging just outside with a boombox so I could hear the music. This frustrated me because when I listen to music I like to feel the music. Like it’s a part of me. (am I the only one that secretly wishes I had a soundtrack to my life?!)

I tried the other ear pieces assuming it was because I was using a size that was too small. That didn’t work.

Then I went online and read reviews the description on the Beats website. Turns out, they are meant to not fit very far in your ear so that if you’re out running you can still hear the cars driving by. It was a safety precaution.

While I appreciate the concern, I’d almost rather be hit jamming out than be pissed off for 4 miles because my music listening experience sucks.

Enter the bluetooth

As this past Christmas was approaching, my wife wanted to know what I wanted as a potential gift. I honestly didn’t know. So I did what any other guy would do and went to Amazon and started drooling over all the high-tech toys.

After rational discussion with my wife, I stopped looking at 4k TVs and robots that could cut the grass.

At the time, I had just washed my beloved EarPods for probably the third or fourth time (they were dirty…) and the left pod had tragically drowned and could not be resuscitated. So, I thought new headphones would be a great and practical gift.

I landed on Amazon’s #1 Bestseller in Bluetooth Cell Phone Headsets. The Qy7 bluetooth headphones by SoundPEATS


The reviews were almost all positive for the product and the seller. AND, they were only $40!

This was phenomenal considering most high quality bluetooth headphones were well over $100.

I ordered the black on black pair instead of the black on green pair because I thought they’d match with more of my wardrobe. It is possible to jam out and look fashion conscious.

So, after 5 weeks of near constant use, I’ve come up with 10 reasons that you’ll absolutely love these headphones.

  1. Amazingly clear highs and deep bass. Every headphone has to start with high level audio quality or everything else doesn’t matter. These will give you a rich, full sound that you’ll love!
  2. Comfortable. Even after 6 hours of constant use, I barely notice that they’re there.
  3. Long battery life. The advertised battery life for listening only is 8 hours and they didn’t lie. The life is only decreased if you spend significant time using them for phone calls.
  4. Blocks out noise well without being “noise canceling”. I tend to set up shop at my favorite restaurant, McAlister’s Deli, which can be very noisy with its high traffic and background music. I don’t hear anything but what’s playing in my headphones. They even work without music playing!
  5. Stays in your ears. I’ve yet to take them on a long distance run but I’ve sprinted a few times with them and didn’t have any problems. SoundPEATS also says their sweat proof but since I’ve given up distance running for CrossFit, I haven’t been able to test them on that claim.
  6. Works well with phone calls. I’ve used it several times a week for calls (especially in the car) and the audio quality is great on my end and I’ve only gotten a couple of complaints about being able to be heard.
  7. Easy to use controls. You have the ability to pause, play, increase/decrease volume (although its volume is separate from the device), answer/end calls, redial, and use Siri (so far, only by accident. Still learning). Overall, I rarely have to use my iPhone to control the audio once I put them on.
  8. Great range. I have tested the range a few times and found that you can be about 40 ft. away before it will lose connectivity. Keep in mind, walls, doors and other structures and effect the range too.
  9. Battery life indicator on iOS devices & vocal ‘low battery’ warning. This is tremendously helpful! Otherwise you’d have to keep track of how long you’ve used the headphones since the last full charge. And, as a wise woman once said, “ain’t nobody got time for that”. There is also a female, English voice that will interrupt your listening pleasure to warn you of a low battery.
  10. They’re affordable. When I bought them, they were $40 and now they’re $35. If I asked you how much you would have expected to pay for these features and this level of quality, you would have said well over $100.

Much like Chick-fil-A founder, Truett Kathy, believed that food is essential to life, therefore make it good. I believe that music is essential to life, therefore make it good.

You can buy the same pair I have by using this Amazon link below. Full disclosure: I make a very small commission if you buy them using this link.

Qy7 bluetooth headphones by SoundPEATS

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