Online Services

Online Accountability:

Covenant Eyes

Why I recommend it:

It is probably the most robust, user-friendly online accountability program out there. With one account you can add it to every device you use: computer, tablet, and smartphone! If you’re serious about leading yourself, this is the program to go with. Plus, if you click on the banner directly above, you will get your first month FREE!

Password Management:


Why I recommend it:

RoboForm has been a life saver! It saves and stores all of my online passwords. It saves my personal information. Like my biographical info (full name, date of birth, etc…) and even my financial information (credit cards, debit cards, etc…). This makes signups and online purchases a breeze. I also have it synchronized to my different devices by using the Everywhere edition. You can see how it works or the FAQs on the RoboForm site. You can get a 50% discount by clicking on the banner above!

Email & Marketing Subscription Management:


Why I recommend it:

MailChimp has been an invaluable part of my toolbox! It allows me to completely customize email messages to my readers, manage my list of subscribers, and review statistics on how my email performs which allows me to improve with each email. Worried its expensive? Don’t! You can create a free account and use it until you have 2,000 subscribers. Click the image above to get started!

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