Hey! It’s been a while. 3 months to be exact-ish. I know in my last full post that I said I would be back at the beginning of April and I want to address that.

First of all, I want to apologize for not keeping my word. I value honesty and integrity and know that without those I cannot ever hope to lead at home, in business, or build an audience online. My hope is that you will have compassion and understanding. My guess is that if you’re reading my blog that you have both of those qualities.

What the heck happened?!

In the time since my last post, I have had a few but important life issues came up and I needed to be able to devote more of my non-work time to those matters.

My job I had just taken picked up speed and I was having to learn a lot which took a lot of energy out of me when combined with my off-the-clock responsibilities. (Side note: I’m no longer employed there and am contemplating starting my own venture in web design and social media. More details as I move forward)

What should I expect moving forward?

I’m glad you asked! Moving forward, new or original content will be published on Thursday. I will be keeping my quote of the week going on Wednesdays for the time being.

What was formally my “Link of The Week” that was published on Fridays, will be combined with my original content on Thursdays. I found that I was writing a near full-length blog post for those pieces that were meant to be shorter-form content. So, that’s why I’m merging it with my long-form content days.

Are you working on anything new?

Excellent question! I am working out the details to produce 1 minute videos to be published on Mondays under the title “Motivational Monday Minute” (that title isn’t final and I’d love to hear suggestions!). In short, I want to capitalize on the hashtag “#MondayMotivation” and I also believe that I’m at my most dynamic when I can be seen and heard! So, this idea was born.

I really do want to hear suggestions on what you would want (topics, format, props?) and what you don’t want! So, write me or leave a comment!


I sincerely hope you’ll forgive me for my absence! But I also hope you’re excited for what is to come!

I don’t have life and leadership figured out, but I am committed to improving and doing the best with what I have (one of the truths of excellence). My hope is that we will learn from each other and that you’ll participate in this journey with me!

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