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I'm Taking A Break. Here's Why.

I want to officially announce that I will be taking a short break from posting. I also want to tell you why and what I'll be doing during the break.

You may have noticed the absence of my usual original post Monday and a mid-week quote of the week. I want to apologize for not publishing as promised without warning.

So, I want to officially announce that I will be taking a short break from posting. But I want to do 2 things in addition to announcing my break.

  1. Why I'm taking my break.
  2. What I'll be doing during the break.

I appreciate your grace and understanding during this time.

Why I'm taking my break

There are two reasons that I have chosen to take this break.

  1. Professionally. I started a new job at an advertising agency, cue:creative, last week and I want to focus on making the best impression I can. I also want to do my best to walk out what I write each week on this site. Part of leadership is knowing how to prioritize.
  2. Personally. My oldest 2 kids are playing soccer for the first time this spring. I'm beyond excited since soccer is a sport I've played since I was 4 years old! I want to be sure that I make their first practices and games. Once I get a rhythm with their new schedules, it will be easier to adjust mine. I love writing and blogging, but I love my kids more!

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What I'll be doing during the break

I'm not going totally off the grid. So here are two things that are happening with regards to the site while I'm on break.

  1. Research. I've started to look into optimizing my posting schedules for content on this blog which also influences my email subscribers. I want to look at more research around the issue to see if there are better days, and even times, that I can publish content. Ultimately, I want to put my content in your hands (figuratively speaking) when you're actually going to read it.
  2. Socializing. No. I'm not partying. I will still be sharing content to my social networks (you should like/follow/connect me! On desktop, see sidebar to the right for my accounts. On mobile, click the menu at the top right to show my networks.). I hope that you'll engage with me there! I want to connect with more of you. In fact, if you post your handle/account name in the comments section, I'll follow/like/connect you right back! << Special offer just for this post!

It's "see you soon" not "goodbye"

I hope that you understand my reasons and that you'll stay plugged in during this break time. My plan is to be back and running after the 1st of April. Which happens to be the 1 year anniversary of my blog!

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