One Tool That Is Vital To Your Website's Growth

There are so many tools, tips, and tricks to driving more traffic to your site, but it can be difficult to know who to trust and what will work. While I don't subscribe to any "magic pill" philosophie

Are you a solopreneur with your own website? Or, maybe responsible for the website and social media for your church or organization. No matter your role, you want the same thing - more traffic on your website!

There are so many tools, tips, and tricks to driving more traffic to your site, but it can be difficult to know who to trust and what will work. While I don't subscribe to any "magic pill" philosophies or tools, there is one tool I use that comes darn close. That tool is CoSchedule.

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What is CoSchedule?

CoSchedule is an editorial, marketing, and social media calendar for WordPress. It will help you plan your blog and social media posts, automate sharing posts and pages from your website on an optimized schedule, and, ultimately, reduce the stress of promoting your (or your organization's) content.


How does CoSchedule work?

CoSchedule works with websites built using WordPress. According to ManageWP,  18.9% of all websites use WordPress as their CMS (or Content Management System). So, if your site isn't built on WordPress, I'd strongly recommend switching. Or, if you're considering building a new site, then I would urge to look into WordPress.

*Side note: if you are wanting to switch or build your website but don't have the time, people, or just don't want to do it yourself, then I'd love to talk with you about how I can help. You can start the conversation here. I'll even setup CoSchedule for you!

WordPress sites use something called plugins to extend the functionality of your chosen theme. The balance to strike with adding plugins comes from the benefit of the added function with the amount of resources the plugin requires to run. Resource heavy plugins will dramatically slow down your site. And you know how much you hate slow websites!

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The beauty of CoSchedule is that its plugin is lightweight and mostly functions to connect your website to their application that is hosted on their severs - not yours. That means that your website will stay lightning fast while enjoying the massive benefits that come from using their plugin.

CoSchedule Web App One week of my calendar from the CoSchedule Web App.

You can, however, access the entire calendar from within WordPress itself instead of going to the external web app (my personal preference is to have the web app open in a tab beside the post I'm writing).

How I use CoSchedule

One of the most helpful tools is the list of top posts or pages. The list is created based on social sharing statistics that CoSchedule gathers for you. This list is something I go back to often to keep my social media channels full of content that has already proved to be popular.

My CoSchedule Top Post List

The most helpful tool to me is the social sharing queue. This queue is available on every post I write or page I want to promote. It is available within WordPress where I write my posts as well as on the web app.

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Once I write my post, I go to my social queue to schedule when it will be shared on my various social media profiles.

CoSchedule Social Queue

It automatically has a schedule set for you to use; Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month. However, there is a Custom option that allows you to share on any schedule or frequency you would like.

*Need help figuring out the best strategy for when and where to share your content? Check out this awesome post from CoSchedule. I've found it incredibly helpful!

You also have the option to choose between text, image, and link posts. I tend to use the link posts for Facebook and LinkedIn and image posts for Twitter and Google+. Then you get to see previews of what your post will look like on each platform so that you can be sure it looks exactly like you want it.

After you've decided what day and where to share your post and how you want it to look, you need to decide what time your brilliant content will make its appearance.

CoSchedule Social Queue Time

As you can see, there are three predetermined time slots you can pick from and an option for a custom time. If you select one of the three predetermined time slots, then CoSchedule will randomly scatter your posts during that time slot.

Personally, I use the last option you see in the above image - Add to Buffer. Buffer is a social sharing scheduler and analytics hub. I have created my own predetermined schedule of when I want to post to each social platform based on research of general best times and analyzing my own audience's peak times of engagement.

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So, when I choose "Add to Buffer", the posts are sent to buffer and loaded up in my queue to be shared at the times I've scheduled. The combination of CoSchedule and Buffer is one of the most potent combos in social media marketing - in my opinion.

Another feature that I am starting to use more is the ability to add and plan my posts in advance with the web app. The calendar allows to add posts that will appear in your post list inside of WordPress. And, if you need to rearrange your posts, you can drag and drop the posts to another day.


There are many more features that you can use that I haven't even discussed, but I've tried to share the ones that I'm using the most and from which I'm getting the most return.

If you are looking for a tool that will help you maximize your time, simply your social sharing, and increase your website traffic, then look no further.

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Adding CoSchedule to my list of tools has led to the biggest breakthrough in seeing increased traffic on my website! It has worked for me and I know it will work for you too!

Sign up for your free 14-day trial of CoSchedule by clicking the button below to start seeing results!

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