Hey! I’m Kenny Lange and I am on a mission to educate myself and others on being a better leader in the home, the workplace, and in life in general. Welcome to my blog!

Growing up I struggled with following leadership and authority (still can be a struggle). I believe I was frustrated because I knew deep down that there was always a better way to lead. I wasn’t satisfied with either/or arguments for leadership styles. I wanted a both/and style.

My search led me through different work experiences, leadership positions, and opportunities. It led me to get bachelor’s degrees in both speech communication and psychology. I wanted to understand leadership from a practical and academic viewpoint. Now, I am a podcast junkie and am learning to be a regular reader of good (mostly leadership) books.

My passion and strength have rested in teaching. I love breaking down ideas, putting them back together, then showing others how to do the same. I live for the “AH HA!” moment in others! I want my life to be measured by the impact I made on the people around me. Like your mother probably told you, “leave a place better/cleaner than when you found it”, I want to leave people better after I’ve interacted with them.

The goal of this blog is to help you lead better, grow faster, and hopefully laugh more. I will blog primarily on leadership, communication, personal development, sales, and even health. Occasionally, I will write something outside of those boundaries if a topic is compelling enough.


I publish original content on Mondays, a mid-week, inspirational/motivational quote on Wednesdays, and a link to a blog post, video, podcast, or other content that I’ve found beneficial that week on Fridays. To make sure you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe via e-mail.

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My Bio:

I was born on Pearl Harbor Day (no, not in 1941!) in Misawa, Japan on a military base. My parents divorced when I was a less than 4 months old and we moved to the great state of Texas. It was there that my Mom met my now adopted Dad. It’s pretty stinkin’ awesome to have a dad that chose me!

I was raised as an only baby. I have an older, half-sister (my Dad’s daughter from a previous marriage) that didn’t live with me growing up, but I love her like she’s blood related. So, make that my half-sister! My adopted father was the product of a military upbringing and my mother was raised by academics. I was raised in a crazy, cross-cultural whirlwind.

I started a passionate love for soccer at the ripe old age of 4 and it shows no signs of slowing down. I love playing it in real life, on video games, and cheering for my favorite club Chelsea FC. It is probably what started my love for fitness and health.

I was in public school through 6th grade and then became a homeschooler (I know. I know. That’s what’s wrong with me. lol) starting in the 7th grade. I completed the rest of my schooling a year earlier than expected and graduated (yes, homeschoolers can graduate) in the spring of 2005. Lange Academy. Class of ’05!

I moved to Tyler, TX in the fall of 2006 to attend The University of Texas at Tyler. The girl I planned on marrying also moved to Tyler to complete her bachelor’s degree. By the end of that fall, the relationship fell apart and I started a new chapter in my life. It was during that time that my faith really became my own.

Towards the end of the spring of 2007, I met the most wonderful woman at a church we both attended and 2 years later we were married. During 2009, many things happened for us; We got married, welcomed our first child (Isaac) into the world, I graduated from UT Tyler (Twice! So now I’m a B.A. at B.S. Get it?!), and we purchased our first home.

Since then, we’ve added 2 gorgeous daughters, Abigail Rose and Selah Joy, a part boxer part lab named Molly, more cats than I am comfortable with and learned a lot about life, marriage, and that we don’t know what we’re doing. But that’s the fun in life, right?


I hope my life will encourage yours!

My Contact Information:

You can contact me via email.

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